X-Ray Specs words and music by Scott Yoho

Deep inside the comic book
I turned right past the ad
Where the bully kicked the sand into his skinny face
I went right to the place
Where the man saw the bones right through his hands


X-Ray Specs helped me to see
Some things aren't what they seem to be
Hold them up under the light
And see through them

I put my order in the mail
Then the weeks refused to pass
While I played the waiting game
I dreamt of all I'd do -- of the things that I'd see though
And how my life would never be the same again


I've waited for so long
Once we're together, nothing can go wrong
I sit alone here everyday
Once you arrive this heavy weight will go away

Then the package finally came
I ripped apart the box, put the glasses on to see
And as everybody knows, I couldn't see through clothes
But my mind was already filled with dreams
Of another thing I'd seen: I want some Sea Monkeys

chorus (x2)

©1999 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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