The Worms Don't Hear words and music by Scott Yoho

The worms don't hear, the worms don't hear
Tell them lunch is ready but they still don't hear
The worms don't hear, the worms don't hear
I'm starting to believe that the worms don't hear

My name is Charles Darwin, I caused a ruckus here
Upsetting popes with talk of monkeys, that was my career
But I also studied earthworms, they're a subject I hold dear
This song concerns the tests I made to see if they hear


I banged on an anvil, I blew the bassoon
I tried them both at midnight, and twice again at noon
I played them the piano, lots of German songs
I tooted little whistles, and hammered Turkish gongs

chorus, solos, chorus

Popes and bishops say that my book is terrible
I like Eve and Adam, but to me they are a parable
I've tried hard to explain, to make my theories clear
But either they refuse to think, or simply just don't hear


©1999 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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