Nobody's Running The Ship words and music by Scott Yoho

It's a lovely day for a cruise ship at sea
The deck chairs filled with happy guests in the sun
Some take a dip while others play some shuffleboard
The calming ocean sounds are soothing everyone

I can't explain why it is I can't relax
I take a walk to see the captain and his crew
I climb some stairs, find my way up to the bridge
The door is open so I walk right on through


Nobody's running the ship
No one's behind the wheel
The captain's missing, and the crew is gone
The screws are turning and the reef's ahead

I wake up in a sweat and know I'm late for work
I hustle there in time to sense impending doom:
Half the office has been downsized overboard
I'm left behind on the skeleton crew


The pipes have burst but the janitor's been sacked
In cutting costs so many had to walk the plank
The water's rising: a mutiny's a foot
With the officers high and dry and waiting on the banks

©1999 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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