Class Reunion words and music by Scott Yoho

You had ten years to prove yourself
To better those who beat you out at sports
To arouse young Ann Gibson who ignored you
And to show that you just had a later start

You'd really like to find that gifted athlete
Rub Johnny's face in faded glory days
He always pointed out your many failures,
So now you'll make him read your résumé


Everyone came in a rental car
One guy even rented his companion
Smell the Grecian Formula and moth balls
Wasn't that a class reunion

You think back to the parties held in high school
The ones that you never could attend
You didn't look good, couldn't play ball, wouldn't act right
No one there would call you their friend

This reunion is your big chance for redemption
You'll party hard with Johnny tonight
Ann will surely find you most exciting,
They'll all see you turned out alright


But Johnny tells you of his friend in Jesus
He's a produce manager today
Ann has got a different last name now,
For having seven kids she looks okay

The rental limo finds you feeling sheepish,
I'll stop being so petty is your vow
You had blown this evening out of all proportion,
But you'll show them how you've changed ten years from now


©1999 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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