There's Got to Be a Name

There's got to be a name
For the condition where you feel like youíre
Always just about to be discovered as a fraud

It wasn't your intent
To ever have deceived, or to make others believe
That youíre anyone at all except just you

But somewhere along the way
They assumed you were the man, with an ingenious master plan
And you knew their misperceptions were not true

Will there be a private talk
And a chaperone who'll walk you and a
Box of all your things out to the car


Things are going fine
You just got yourself a raise, these should be the best of days
But impending doom hangs over all you do

You constantly suspect
That your cover story's blown, your Identity is known
And the only person left behind is you

Pre chorus, Chorus

Would you be so much better off, if you were free of your anxieties?
Maybe those - who expect the worst
Are best prepared when things start going wrong


Todayís the day Iím sure to be discovered after all

Words and music by Scott Yoho ©2016 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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