Mama’s Got a Secret

Mama’s got a secret -- an electrical device
In confidence she tells her friends -- it makes her feel so nice
She keeps it in a cabinet -- not up on a shelf
She uses it in private -- when she’s all by herself

What does it do? What is it for?
(And) why before we hear its hum -- Does she always lock the door?

Mama’s got a secret -- she plugs into the wall
Bring it up in public and she’ll deny it all
Daddy doesn’t use it -- don’t ask him if he might
It could do the job for him, but he doesn’t think it’s right


Mama says: Turn the music up”, so turn it up! (X4)

When students of Houdini learn how he got things done
Some mystery dissolves and with it goes some fun
And so I’m feeling guilty – for what I’m going to share
But mama’s little secret just removes unwanted hair


Words and music by Scott Yoho ©2016 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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