Kids I’ve Learned a Secret

Hey kids I‘ve learned a secret, I’m gonna share with you
Some people who make children’s things cut corners when they do
Check out that fruit cocktail, push the red things to the side
They’re not really cherries, they’re just grapes that have been dyed!

Why do they play – play you for fools?
Do they disrespect you just because they’ve had more school?

When making children’s’ music, more folks do you wrong
They don’t make up new melodies, they steal from other songs
The Next time you sing Twinkle, or the ABCs
Or even Bah Bah Black Sheep you might hear what I mean


This Old Man, the Barney song, what’s up with that?
Little Lamb, We Roll Along, what’s up with that?
Bunny Foo, puffer bellies too, what’s up with that?
Frere Jacques, and Brother John, what' ll Thumbkin do?

Should a purple dinosaur start ripping off some songs
Let him know you’re on to him and that his theft is wrong
There’s lots of better music made especially for kids
Look out for the good stuff, and you’ll be glad you did

Don’t let them play – play you for fools,
They can’t disrespect you just because they’ve had more school (X2)
Now you know the secret, don’t keep it a secret
Now you know the secret: Barney’s little secret

Words and music by Scott Yoho ©2016 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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