The Alligator Boy

Many claim that they were born too late,
But I could make a case
I inherited peculiar skin
On my chest and on my face

In a different age, Iíd have been on stage
Thrilling midway passers by
But today that doesnít fly, and I donít know the reason why
Can you tell me?

Where is the Alligator Boy? I miss the Alligator Boy.
The sign says Alligator Boy. Bring back the Alligator Boy.

Another midnight and Iím stocking shelves
Where no one sees my face
My sideshow ancestors would pull up stakes
And move from place to place

Human oddities, on an odyssey
The banners read: Alive Inside
But to me that pathís denied
And I smell formaldehyde

Where is the Alligator Boy? Let out the Alligator Boy.
I am the Alligator Boy. Behold the Alligator Boy.

In a different time, couldíve earned a dime
(With a) bearded lady at my side
But the worldís now more refined
And Iím feeling left behind
Please donít help me.

I am the Alligator Boy. Son of the Alligator Boy.
Iím still the Alligator Boy.

Words and music by Scott Yoho ©2016 Auto Order Music (BMI)

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